Role and contributions of Grandparents in a toddler’s life….

Tankari kola re basi duniya bhulili

Tankara pain mu jibana para thili

kebe ghoda kebe hathi au kebe mankada banauthili

tankari anguthi dhari pura raija bulili

thara thara hatare mo mundaku aunsuthila

kuade gala JEJEMAA, tame satare bahut mane pada.

(This poem is written in Odia language which describes how beautiful was the time which I spent with my grandparents during my childhood. I certainly can’t explain how much I miss them now when they are no more in this world).

Grandparents are like grand angels for every child. When they are with you, you kind of forget all the disciplines and rules set by you parents. They have something great in them and that magic can turn every day into fun day.

The grandparents are the first external bond for a child and their presence helps in shaping the child’s emotional development in a much better way. My son may not be that lucky to not have a paternal grandmother but lucky enough to have maternal grandparents. As we stay away from our parents, our kids don’t get that much opportunity to interact with their Grandparents.

Now as my son is getting closure to 3 years old, he is becoming more and more welcoming to guests to our home and who can be better than the Grandparents. This Christmas he spent his holidays with his grandparents and I can see his enjoyment as he was happily playing, dancing and singing around. When I looked into my little boy’s glittering eyes, I realised one thing that every grandparent not only brings a bundle of joys but also plays a crucial character in a child’s life.

Sometime I wonder why our parents push us to plan for children? Then I remember the saying, ‘Mul se sudh jada mitha hota hai’, similarly grandchildren are more dearer to the grandparents. But seriously there is some different level of connection between the grandparent and grandchildren which is so pure and divine.

In this blog, I will share my experience and the impact it created in my toddler’s life (though I can’t count their exhaustive list of contribution but tried my best to give a brief summary for convenient reading).

Benefit of having a grandparent in your child’s life

  1. They provide a sense of security: During tough times they give an extra layer of support. I remember those days, when my husband is down with Dengue and hospitalized and I have no idea how to manage with my baby, then my mother came as the life saviour, which truly was a blessing for all 3 of us.
  2. They come with enormous experience: Grandparent often transfer knowledge and experience about our culture and tradition by telling stories, so that a child can able to understand his origin and his family history. According to my experience, stories always help in shaping a child’s mindset towards a strong individual (My son loves to listen stories and I have experienced a very positive result).
  3. They offer an affordable child care option: I am not able to take advantage of this offer because we are living in a long distance, but I am quite sure those who have this option, they are lucky as grandparent can give additional care in bringing up a child and stands firmly with you in every situation.
  4. Child rebel in presence of grandparent but in a safe manner: Grandparent always have a different way of discipline and advice which includes a lot of patience and ideas. They will spoil your child with lots of love but with a semblance of comfort and safety. Personally, when grandparents are there, my son does not listen to a single thing of mine (of course till the time I make it clear that I am the boss for him).
  5. Your child gets to know an alternate life: Grandparent mostly transfer 2-generation experience and knowledge which will give you a treasure box of funny moments and stories. They bring the most important thing for the child in the form of live recordings of his parent’s childhood. Though my baby is small now and he is not able to understand or raise these queries, but those days are not far away.

Tips for bonding

Those who have grandparent living with them, they may not need these tips but families where grandparents are living far away, it is our responsibilities to create a strong bond between them. Below are some tips which I followed for my toddler which helps me to create a positive bonding between them.

  • Video calling: We are changing the world with technology and I think same can also be a great help while building long distanced relationship. I started video calling daily at a particular time when my baby was only 7 months old and now, he eagerly waits for that time for video calling his grandparents.
  • Photo memories: Capture the special moments of the grandparents with your child in the camera lens. Show the picture often to your kids so that they can cherish that moments and it also helps in creating a strong bond.
  • Talking about grandparent: From the beginning, I started telling stories to my son about his grandparents (although not the serious ones but imaginative/fiction) and it really has got very good results.
  • Creating a family tree: This is again a great one to help your kids and also you to relate with your great grandparents. For creating a family tree, you can take help from your parents as well.
  • Visiting as often as possible: This is certainly the best way to connect your child to his grandparents and also helps him understand their background. You can try to celebrate some family function together, have your vacation at your native, etc. which can really help you as well to remember your old memories. That way grandchildren can get some more time to spend with their grandparent and know about their customs and tradition.

Grandparent helps in raising a happy adult and as a child to your parents, you can talk about parenting issue & can solve them without much difficulties. Their experience will show you a new path.

Parents and children of today face a very different world than those of the previous generation. Awareness of these differences can help today’s parents navigate the role of grandparents in a child’s development in life and at the same time help grandparents to play a special role in the family.

I hope my article about grandparent will help bonding your child to his/her grandparent and will get their share of love. If you like this article, do share your valuable feedback.

New year resolution of a new mother (A journey from dream to accomplishment) ….

New year is the first blank page of a 365-page book and when you think of writing a good first thing, resolution is the fanciest thing we always try to start. Resolution means a firm determination to do or not to do something. Resolution can be made at any time, but people mostly loves to take resolution in new year day and promising themselves to follow the resolution for rest of the year. As no one can go to their past and change what has happened but surely work on their present and gift themselves a beautiful future is something everyone aspires.

In case of me, most of the time my new year resolution is to stick with my earlier resolution made in the previous years. But what I observed, resolution is a kind of illusion which is hard to keep, but, resolution certainly brings new dreams for you and give you that extra push to do something. And the hardest resolution is of a mother who wants to be strict and soft at the same time. As a mother, your rules and promises often brakes down in no time while you try make your child the happiest one.

Past 2 years, I am trying to make some resolutions as a mother and believe me, a lot of times I get the idea to drop these resolutions for a week or so. I used to think let’s see whatever happens. Then I ask myself,” is it important for my baby?” And as always, the answer comes from my conscience,” yes, indeed”. Then some divine force pushes me to do my best and I get the strength of “let’s do it”.

When we move on the days of the year, we notice that some resolutions are achieved and some even were broken in the same day itself. But every year we don’t stop bringing our To Do list. This being a special year of 2020, with new hope, I took some time to find what should be my resolution regarding motherhood this year.

A sneak peek to my resolution

  1. No spanking and screaming: Few days before, when I caught my little boy doing some mischief, I told him not to repeat the same thing otherwise I will spank you. Then the second line came from him,” I will also beat you”. I asked him why?? Beating mama is a wrong thing and he said,” beating baby is also a wrong thing na mama”? that day I know I must stop spanking and yelling on him as there is a famous quote,” your child will follow your example, not your advice” and its 100% true. So, my first and foremost resolution of 2020 is to peace with patience especially if it is the case of your child (however the most difficult thing to do).
  2. Capture the family moments in camera lens: This year I swear to myself to save more memories and click more photos with family. This is something we may undermine in our busy time even though we have all the convenience (i.e. our lovely mobile phone) to make it happen. This is something which helps you cherish later by seeing the photos and may become the best things to remind you that your life was not wasted.
  3. Stop my work if my baby needs me to hug or kiss him: This is the resolution I promise myself every year and I want to achieve it every single year. Hugging and kissing often helps in reducing stress, boosting immune system and easing depression among children. That 10 seconds of jadu Ki jhappi makes your heart feel wonderful & create a magic in your child’s life.

As a mother, we never stop taking resolutions throughout the year for our little kiddos. But we all know that new year resolution is something stays close to us and gives us some additional push to make it happen. So, any of you planning to make resolutions this new year, don’t worry, just take a deep breathe and have faith on the gift given to you as a mother.

There are a lot of resolutions I want to do for me and my little one’s development, but more resolution means more chances for the broken promise. Finally, I decided those things which are my priority and hope to stick to it for the year 2020 and the subsequent years. As they say “Don’t make resolution without an action plan. The secret to success is right in your hands”. 

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How outdoor physical activities influence a toddler’s life…

“Toddler” word mainly derived from the phrase “to toddle”, which means to walk restlessly. They are not designed to sit idle at one place. These are the most interesting years for your toddler because in this phase toddlers began to recognize themselves as a separate individual from their parents and try to explore the world on their own.

Toddler age is the best times for the children where they learn to develop their emotional, social and cognitive skills. It is important to channelize these restlessness and agility into a meaningful physical activity that can help them to grow fit and active throughout the day.The only best thing you can do for your kid is to give them the space to explore.

According to the physical activity guidelines, in one day a toddler should be involved into these below activities:
• Do 30 minutes of structured physical activities that is planned and directed by an adult. These includes age appropriate games like playing with balls, riding vehicles, musical chairs, climbing stairs etc.
• Do 60 minutes of unstructured physical activities that is a free play which includes playing in park, hopping, climbing on a ladder, playing board games or puzzles, craft activities etc.

Remember that a toddler should not be inactive more than 1 hour in a day except sleeping. Personally, my little boy is highly active and loves to play both indoors and outdoors. When he was in his 6 months, I started to take him for daily strolling at least for 30 minutes. Later it became a habit of playing outside for 1 hour doing different kind of activities like playing in play area, running, playing in the swings and slides and many more.Now that he has learned the basics, he has been able to play independently with balls, riding his tri-cycle, playing hide and seek (obviously under adult supervision).

Importance of exercise in toddler’s life

Experienced by own life and inspired by my husband’s sport life, one thing I got to know that kids those who are active at young age tends to stay active throughout their lives. As parents, we all want our child to be active and healthy lifelong. So, taking few steps to push your child to do necessary physical activity would help them while they grow big. No one wants their child to be lazy, especially couch potatoes or lotus eaters.

Now, let’s talk about the contribution of exercise towards a toddler’s life:

  • Exercise will keep your child active throughout the day which helps in improving the strength and skill of skeletal muscles which then leads to better competence and co- ordination skills.
  • Exercise helps in decreasing anxiety and depression among children (same goes for adults also).
  • Staying fit helps in improving self esteem and reduce the risk of serious challenges such as obesity, blood pressure, etc.
  • Exercises helps to maintain a healthy weight and gives a better sleeping which is very much necessary for a toddler to stay fresh.
  • Exercise also improves the academic performances as the mind becomes sharper and more focused.

Steps to introduce exercise in your toddler’s life style

Good habits are as addictive as bad habits, but much more rewarding. Creating a habit requires a lot of effort and if it is the case with the toddler then indeed it need a hell lots of energy and perseverance. I have noted down few tips which will help you plan better:

  1. Step outside: The first tip to start exercise is to step outside of your house. As I said, I started to take my baby outside when he was 6 months and that really helped me a lot and now he got ready easily at his regular timing to play outside.So, mommies push yourself a little bit because kids do what they see.Make sure of not giving up on yourself.
  2. Include fitness into your day: You can have a mini walk to get a fitness fix or simply tumble, dance, groove or have some general movement. Come on guys, these are not so difficult to turn on the music and have some dance moves. The fun part is your baby can be your dance partner (this is my favorite exercise for my little boy as we enjoyed a lot while dancing together).
  3. Curb the lotus eater lifestyle: No one likes their baby to get into couch potato lifestyle as it will only affect child’s health negatively. So, reducing the screen time is necessary. Limiting TV time in younger age will help establish healthy habits down the road. Choose that type of video that encourage your toddler to get up and dance or move along with the characters (choose videos which your baby and you both likes).
  4. Get in the team spirit: An active parent raises an active child and its true. Get in the team spirit and give your child the opportunity to explore the world. Include yourself in your child’s play time and involve them into your daily works. The more a child get into multiple things, the more he learns about life.
  5. Connect the children in the neighborhood: This one is great and simple way to involve your child in outdoor games. Find the friends for him and you won’t need to do give much effort to engage them in physical activities (of course you need to be part of them and not glued to your mobile).

So, we never know what future will bring to these tiny little guys, but we can certainly make sure they lead a healthy and happy life. And as we know, children will learn to explore when they are given necessary support and the opportunity to do so. As per the famous writer James Sallis “The best predictor of pre-school children’s physical activity is simply being outdoors….”.

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Importance of attending Parent Teacher Meeting (PTM)of your toddler in the pre-school…

It is through play that children organize and make sense of the world. Preschool is a learning system that offers childhood education through different type of games or plays. Preschool provides a foundation for learning both socially and academically that will help your child succeed in elementary school.

School life is the one of the most important part of any child’s future and preschool is the beginning phase of a child’s school life. So, this is the time to create a strong root towards a healthy and peaceful schooling. However, please note that school is not the only place for him to learn. There is a famous saying, “a child educated only at school is an uneducated child.” So only the teacher is not responsible for your child’s bright future, but as a parent, you must shoulder that responsibility and play a major role in his or her life. As per Mahatma Gandhi, every home is a university and the parents are the only teachers of that university.

Please remember that education is a shared commitment between dedicated teachers, motivated students and enthusiastic parents. Parents can bring best in a child, if they have a good relationship with school and teachers.Teachers are the only who recognize the ability or talent what the child owns. So, to maintain a good relationship with teachers, it is important to attend parent teachers’ conferences or meetings. You may soon discover hidden talent your child has, which you never know without attending the meetings.

Attending PTM for your child

I know many of you would be thinking what is so important about parent teacher meetings in playschool or preschool…? Afterall, its just a playschool and our children do hardly anything now… But trust me, this is worth spending time. They are so small and are needed to be handled with utmost care. Everything these little guys are doing is itself is a milestone and gaining important little things which will lead them towards their future.

Don’t you want to know what and how your little one is doing in playschool and how they are responding with their outer world? If yes, you are in a right place as in today’s blog I am going to share my experience on my 1st parent teacher meeting of my toddler’s playschool.

What to keep in mind during PTM
As a still learning mama, I learned a lot of thing and will never stop learning that life gives in its each single phase of my toddler’s journey. Here goes the thing that I had done and believed that should be done by every parent during PTM:

  1. Be on time (never forget first impression is last long).
  2. You should follow a respectful communication with teachers.
  3. Don’t follow others. Prepare your own questions as every child is different.
  4. Ask for explanation if you are not able to understand anything.
  5. Convey your regards to teachers for meeting with you.

My set of question for teacher

  1. Can my child understand and able to follow rules and instructions: If your child is in playschool, then he is in an age to understand certain language or even body language. To know more about this development about him, it was an important thing for me to ask this question like is he obeying rules or paying attention or taking interest on activities, etc.
  2. Are there any issues in child’s development according to his age: As a teacher in playschool, they deal with different child of same age group, so they can better observe or notice any critical developmental issues in your child.Don’t hesitate to ask this question because it is better to know earlier which will help in sorting out the problem and start working for better result.
  3. How child is interacting with the teacher and other staff members: These includes how he ask for help if he wants some, what is he doing if he is sad or hurt, are his behaviors friendly or unfriendly.
  4. Discussing the concern if you have any: In my case there was a small incident with my baby which had happened, and I wanted to discuss with the teachers to get their version. I realized that if you discuss these issues upfront, the teachers would also be careful and would know that you are a serious parent.
  5. What are my strength and weaknesses: in this part you will be able to know in which are the things your child loves to do and where he is not giving his best? These are the things you should know about your child and these things will help you in shaping your child’s future. Never take these things lightly.

Now comes to the critical part. Is your child facing problems in socializing?Don’t worry If your child is having some difficulties in socializing. You can follow below steps while attending PTM and help your child tackle this problem.

  1. Be open minded: No child is perfect,and we also can’t expect. As a parent, no one wants to listen the shortcomings of their child. Everyone wants to hear good things about their child. But be open minded and have patience because it will give opportunity to understand the issues, more deeply.
  2. List specific incident: If there are any problem in socializing in classrooms for your child then ask for specifics, exactly what is he doing. You may even request for video clips to understand by yourself.
  3. Other specifics: if there are any events happening in your home like: a death in family, shifting one place to another, disturbance in the family, etc. then let the teachers know about it because it also creates a great impact on child’s behavior. Remember a healthy child grows in a healthy environment.
  4. Create a plan: After all these discussions, the question arises what is the next step? How can you help your child back to his self? The help of teachers means a lot in a situation like this. The best way to of communication with the teachers is to speak on a regular basis and request for special PTM on more frequent basis.

For a child’s academic and nonacademic performance both parents and teachers need to work together,so they can give children the roots to grow and wings to fly. Both home and schools play most important part on any child’s life and healthy linking between them would do wonders for your little one. Remember that connecting Home and School makes us a great community of learners!!!

I hope this blog will help parents of preschooler to some extent. If you love reading it, then share it in your social media sites.

Trying to get rid of pregnancy belly fat? Tips from my personal diary…

A baby is God’s opinion that life should go on…!!!Carrying a baby for 9 months in your womb is a true miracle and god chose only women to be the medium of his creating this world. The journey is called as pregnancy and the lady is awarded with the most affectionate word “MOTHER”.

Pregnancy is a beautiful phase because it gives a woman the joy and fulfilment which comes from bringing a new life into the world. When a woman gets pregnant, her body goes through a lot of changes. Physical changes, emotional changes which leaves a lasting impact on a woman’s life and alter her perspective. But we all would certainly agree that pregnancy is a blessing and being pregnant is the most beautiful feeling ever for a woman.

When you are pregnant, no doubt, you must be overjoyed, but at the same time, you will be stressed too because of all these changes into your body. It comes with lot of pain, itchy tummy, sleepless nights, mood swings, stretch marks, morning sickness and many more.

Once the baby comes to your arm, you forget all those emotional and physical pains you went through. However, within few days you start to worry about your physical changes (mostly your belly fat) more importantly. Particularly a rise in estrogen level during pregnancy can lead to gain weight on breasts, belly and thighs. Weight gain consists of baby placenta, breast tissue, more blood, amniotic fluid, uterus enlargement and extra fat stores.

You can’t wait to come back to your shapes and wear all your favorite dresses you have precisely kept in your wardrobes with a lot of hope to wear them someday. Though with time you slowly reduce most of the fats of your body, but one thing will not leave easily i.e. excess belly fat, if it is not taken care of (personally, I had issues of excess belly fat but later I managed to take care of that problem).

Even after 3 months of delivery, people started asking me,” are you pregnant again?’’,”why are you not losing your belly fat?”, “you can’t lose it now and it will remain like this”,” you can’t be fit in your clothes anymore” BLAH BLAH BLAH……….Ladies, ignore these comments if you are getting any…… you can always lose your belly fat and be back in your shape again (as I am happy to be back in my old jeans and clothes). But take note, the first 2 to 3 months after delivery, are the most important time in shedding extra belly fat and to speed up the process.

My journey to lose belly fat

Initially, I ignored all the comments because that time I had no second thoughts other than my baby and it must be happening to all new mothers. You must be too much occupied to feed baby in every 2 hours, make him sleep, changing the diapers, entertain him while crying, etc. etc., and the list goes on….

Finally, after 6 months, slowly I started to realize that my belly is popping up like a balloon and I can’t get in any of my favorite dresses. It took me more time than it usually takes to reduce belly fat (because I had made a mistake by not starting in the initial days after my delivery). So, my suggestions to all, that if you want to get back in shape start exercising from 2 to 3 months after giving birth, provided if you are fit enough and totally recovered from delivery.

And now, my mission of losing pregnancy belly fat had started. Below are my personal tips which I followed religiously and obviously succeed. They are:

  • Doing baby’s chore yourself: if you are alone, far away from your home without any support, then it will definitely work for you. Do your baby’s work yourself and trust me this is the best exercise to reduce pregnancy weight and fat. Feeding him, making him sleep, taking him for a walk, cooking and cleaning for baby, singing and dancing with baby. Everything helps me a lot for reducing my weight. These activities not only help you do physical exercise, this will also give you some lifetime memories.
  • Breast feeding: It certainly helps in reducing mother’s weight & fat, who gain weight within the recommended range. Breast feeding reduces the size of uterus, hence get rid of pregnancy fat by as early as six months after delivery (I always preferred this one not only because it is recommended by doctors but also it creates very strong bonds with your baby).
  • Belly wraps: I used to ignore when my mother told me about it that it’s a traditional method and earlier women ties sarees around their belly to reduce the fat. But trust me, it’s a very good thing and my doctor also suggested it (though not saree but now different belly wraps are available in market). Then, I tried belly wraps almost for 7-8 months as it helps in tucking abs & speeding the process of shrinking uterus back to its original size and guess what??? It seriously worked for me (ordered tummy tucker from Amazon).
  • Exercise: For me going to gym is a difficult task. So, I started doing exercise for at least 30 minutes in home itself (that’s my little one’s nap time). You can do crunches / Sit-Up or you can also use Tummy trimmer for regular exercise.

These 4 things I tried to follow religiously, and I am now back to my normal shape with a 26’’ waist. These simple steps could be followed by any women who can’t make time for herself with all these responsibilities on them. There are other ways also to reduce belly fat apart from above tips like:

  • Reduce sugar intake: Avoiding added sugar and refined carbs.
  • Exercise: resistance training, weight training and core strengthening exercises will help. Also you can try 30 minutes of cardio at least 3 times a week.
  • Meditation: practicing meditation and yoga helps in reducing stress and belly fats effectively.
  • Drink water: stay hydrated as it will make you feel fuller so that you will eat fewer calories thus achieving your goal will be easy. If you have constipation problem, then drinking enough water is the right medicine and it’s in budget. 
  • Proper diet: try to eat foods high in fiber and healthy proteins because body uses more energy to digest it, which results in burning more calories, than other types of food.
  • Body massage: Take full body massage by professional masseur targeting the area you want to reduce (most preferable tips by women and who don’t want a good massage).
  • Take rest: Finally, my last tip is to take rest ladies!!!!! Whenever you got time, if not for a longer period of time, but a quick, short power nap. Over exhaustion does not help reducing belly fat but drained out all the energy out of you.

I hope these tips will help all the new mothers, who want to be back in shape and gain their confidence again. It will take time, but night is still young……. Let’s hope for good result.

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Is your toddler facing mild food allergy? What to do…

You can’t learn to swim by reading a book, so you got to get in to the water. And every good thing comes with a price. When your baby starts walking, there is a fear of falling down and hurt himself. But, you can’t stop him doing that.

Likewise, as parents, we all try to give our child a healthy and nutritious life. After 6 months, babies need to be fed solid foods as per the requirements of their body but it also comes with a fear of food allergies. Because when a baby takes its first ever solid foods, you never know which food will suit your baby and which not.

So in this blog, I would like to discuss all about mild food allergies and what can you do to avoid food allergies if you are facing similar situation with your babies. Here you may also get some thoughts if you are going to introduce solid foods to your baby.

Few days back, I heard a few moms were talking about food allergies. One of them was telling,” My child was allergic to brinjals”, another was telling,” Even my child has allergy for nuts”. When I was wondering on these thoughts, I also noticed one day that my baby has also some mild reaction when there is a change in his regular milk (from cow’s milk to buffalo’s milk).

I found this discussion interesting as today food allergy became common and all the credit goes to hybrid cultivation and adulteration of food. Hence, I decided to pen down this experience.

Before going into details, let us understand food allergy. Basically, Food allergy happens when your body gives reaction against some proteins found in your food. Sometimes, there is a connection of food allergy to one’s family history. Although, there is no proper facts or certainty on this but you cannot discount it.

There are mainly 2 types of food allergy. They are:

  • Mild: Mild allergies will go away with time. Mainly, milk and egg allergies are often go away with time but other kind of allergies tend to persists for a longer period of time.
  • Severe: severe allergies are known as Anaphylaxis. These are also life threatening and needed extra care and medical attention.

In this blog I am trying to focus on mild food allergies which are more or less very common in today’s babies (though not for all the babies).

Symptoms of mild food allergies

Mild food allergies have certain symptoms which are cited below:
• Hives (red spots looks like mosquito bites)
• Wheezing
• Stomach upset
• Vomiting
• Diarrhea
• Itching feeling around lips or mouth
• Coughing

Worldwide, there are different types of food allergies are found among babies and toddlers but specifically, there are top 8 allergenic foods shortlisted. They are as follows:

  1. Milk
  2. Egg
  3. Peanuts
  4. Tree nuts (Almonds or walnuts)
  5. Fish
  6. Shell fish
  7. Soy
  8. Wheat

Food intolerance

Food intolerance is a certain digestive problem occurred after eating a certain type of food and its symptoms are like having intestinal gas, diarrhea and abdominal pain.

Often people misinterpret food intolerance as food allergies. Understanding the difference of these two is important. Food intolerance does not involve immunity system (it only occurs when a person is unable to digest properly) but food allergy does. If you have food allergy even tiny particles of that food can lead to serious reaction called Anaphylaxis.

How to confirm a food allergy

In most cases, people confused food intolerance as food allergy. Don’t be panic, visit doctor and make them confirm if your baby has food allergy to a particular food or it’s just food intolerance.

What will doctor do?

  1. Skin test: in this test, doctor will place liquid extract of food on child’s skin and then prick the skin to see whether some reddish spots form within 15 minutes or not.
  2. Blood test: And the second test is blood test and I am sure almost everyone knows about this test and how it was done.

How to prevent food allergies in babies

This is most important part to know avoiding food allergies among your little babies. Some research shows the introducing multiple foods together are safe.

  • Introduce foods at earlier stage: Introduce every food types at the earlier. It may helps the immune system having a lower risk of developing food allergies. If you are thinking that your baby can’t eat this type of things now and you will try to give this food after he/she reached the age of 5 to 6 then it might not be a good idea. Earlier the habit of particular food, easier to prevent him from developing allergies to those foods.
  • To identify allergy for any particular food: Normally, doctor suggest starting your bay’s food one at a time. To identify allergy to any particular food, give one food item and wait for 1 week to add another one into their food. And yes, don’t stop the first one after adding the second or more. You have to continue all the food to reduce the chances of food allergies possibilities.

How to introduce outside milk to your baby

Since milk is an important part of your child’s food, you have to be extremely careful while using it. As, I have experienced mild reactions regarding introducing milk to my baby, I would like to share few points:

  • Breast feeding: First and foremost important part is breast feeding your baby up to 6 months. It supports the baby’s immune system because it contains antibodies that help in fighting bacteria and viruses.
  • Consult your doctor before introducing: I started giving cow milk to my baby after 2 years and our doctor suggested starting with 50% water and 50% milk and reducing the water level gradually.
  • Substitute milk: Keep the milk substitute (e.g. Nan by Nestle) ready with you all the time. At the time of vacation or change of place I always prefer milk substitute. So I always keep in my bag while I am out of home.
  • Avoiding milk during fever: usually, I follow this rule of not giving milk to my baby if he has fever. That full week I avoid giving milk because it always leads to indigestion and stomach upset.
  • Pasteurized milk: Now a day’s doctors also suggest pasteurized milk than the milk supplied by outside milk men. As I have also experienced, this is much reliable if you are sticking to some good brand.  Also once you are comfortable with the particular brand or particular milk type, you should continue with that and avoid using multiple brands.

A little bit of concern, care would do the needful and can help you avoid risk of food allergy in your child. I hope this will help in some way to all the parents reading this blog.

These are my experience regarding food allergy. If you have any experience or suggestions then do share with me.

Planning for a perfect road trip on your vacation with your toddler? Few tips from my personal diary…

I am in a sea beach, relaxing on wooden beach chair under a beautiful blue umbrella enjoying the depth of the sea waves and feeling wet sand in dazzling sunlight. Oh! What a beautiful world, what a beautiful climate it is…. Me, sea beach and my dream world……. Suddenly, I am hearing some faint sound,” Honey, Rihan (that’s my baby name) had put a whole jug of water and drenched himself. He needs to change so come fast”. Oh no! I woke up and ran towards kitchen and there he is, drenched from head to toe and my husband trying to dry him up.

But I was relaxing at a sea beach, right???? Am I day dreaming then???? It must be happening to all the restless mothers and I am sure, all the mothers raising these little devils would agree with me. These things would not change when you are in a vacation with your kids. You can’t even relax for a second if you have a toddler with you.

However, after a long period of working days, with no time to relax and nothing new to explore, everyone wants a mandatory vacation to refresh their mind and to start afresh session of work life.

So vacation time!!!!! It certainly gives you an opportunity to get away from you regular life and experience something different. It also gives you a very good insight about the diverse culture and wonderful things exists in our world. So, everyone desperately waits for it to come.

Vacation should be considered as an important part of your life and you should make it happen on a frequent basis (least once in 6 months). It may not be a luxurious trip to any foreign countries, it can be as simple as travelling 3 to 4 hours from your place to have a change in life. We must understand that travelling means not only visiting so many places at a time but also to spend a quality time and have fun with your family, far from home.

It may be easy to plan your outing if you are going alone with your spouse or may be with your friends, but it may be challenging when you plan to go on holidays along with your toddler (who never stick in one place). Taking them to a vacation with 9-10 hours journey ……it would feel like impossible. Practically, in my case, most of the time I have to think a lot before planning for a holiday.

Like everyone, I also needed a place of change. Then, we decided to have a vacation and we planned a 7-8 hours road trip with one of my husband’s colleague and his family. And believe me, a little planning helped us a lot to make it enjoyable and it was really great for my little munchkin who had a very good time enjoying the place (apart from my little devil’s exploits). I will try to bring out few important things from our experience:

How to prepare yourself for a hassle-free road trip with a toddler

Now the times come for some tips how to survive the road trip with your toddler. Because long road trip means to make them sit in one place with nothing exciting to do. So, let’s get started:

  1. Bring excitement: This is very important. Talk to your toddler about the place you are going for vacation. Show some photos; talk about what is there to see and what activities you are going to do in that place. This will help in building up the excitement among them.
  2. One big suitcase: If you are travelling for 3-4 days then it’s better to pack your things in one big suitcase as multiple bags makes it difficult for mobility. Keep your car spacious because kids don’t like a fully packed car.
  3. Selects a suitable time: As you know your child schedule well, plan your trip accordingly. Selecting a suitable time to start the trip is very critical. I prefer early morning travelling when my little one can sleep 2-3 hrs in the car (this will help your trip time cut short by nearly 3 hours).
  4. Keep surprise things: Pack something new and different whether it is toys or books or any special thing your baby like. Give them those things to keep them excited and play with it. These surprises could become your one of the best road survival things.
  5. Take necessary pit stops: Try to take adequate stopovers in the middle of driving to have some meal or simply to stretch yourself. This way children will get some time to get outside to have some fresh air. This is a very important as we adult can’t sit full 9-10 hours in a single stretch and they are toddlers (designed to explore the outside world).
  6. Pack your baby essentials mindfully: This is also very important because you can’t compromise any of the baby essentials because they are prone to immunity. Take their favorite toys, blankets or story books which can make them comfortable in an unknown place.
  7. Dress up in comfortable clothes: Always get dressed in comfortable clothes while planning for the road trip. Avoid tight jeans; skin fitted tops and all other uncomfortable dresses which do not allow you or your child to stretch body parts.
  8. Enough snacks: Pack one bag with enough snacks both healthy and yummy. This will help in engaging children time to time and also to kick away that chhoti chhoti bhook (small snack hunger).
  9. Medicine and hand sanitizer: Keep the critical medicines in your hands reach. Also keep a hand sanitizer always in your side pocket that can be easily available when needed. Always sanitize your hand as well as your kid’s before eating. This is the best way to protect your child from uninvited germs that comes during travelling.
  10. Kid’s videos: Last but not the least, download some kids’ videos (now, this is my personal road trip savior). I usually do not prefer to give mobile or ipad to my little one rather downloads videos from internet or use video CD and show it in Television. I normally download some of his favorite video and save it in pen drive. When all the options are finished, and you still have some hours to reach then definitely it helps (worked in my case).

When we think about vacation, we feel like not taking any responsibility and only enjoy the moment. But going vacation with your kid would bring magic in your life. They will show the real meaning of life and how to live it to the fullest without any worries.

Enjoy your vacation with your kids, capture the moments and save it in your heart forever. I hope this will help to some extent on your planning and I am sure all the beautiful mommies reading it have other amazing tips and suggestions to survive road trips in their own way.

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