Viral fever among toddlers…A regular but a serious business…

Human body is a beautiful machine and it also needs time to time service as well. Our body also demands good atmosphere, proper care, time to time check-up, etc. As it does not get the spare parts conveniently, you have to look after each and every part of your body. Moreover, when it comes to your little tiny ones, the concern gets more intense as they can’t express their problems.  Since, they also have a weaker immunity than the adults, you tend to go extra mile to keep them safe from unnecessary health issue. Have you ever imagined, what could be the condition of parents (specifically mothers) at those challenging situations? All the mothers here can certainly understand better…. Right???

In this blog, I will share my experience and important things about viral fever or infection among toddlers that troubled my little boy back to back in a single month (the obvious reason for my late posts).

Viral fever is a profusion of viral infections generally characterized by a spike in normal body temperature. It spreads out from one person to another by direct contact with the infected person’s bodily fluids (coughing, vomiting, sneezing etc. that sprinkle body fluids). Once infected, it would take about 16 to 48 hours to convert it into a full-blown infection.

According to our paediatrician, viral fever is very common in toddlers as it can easily spread around school, childcare or kindergarten. It is also very common for children to have up to 12 viruses in one year in first few years and you will feel like they are sick all the time.

My son kept on falling sick from the starting of this year and got other infections shortly after recovering from the previous one. Overall, in these 2 months my little one has got 4 times viral fevers and doctor says that it will gradually reduce as they develop a stronger immune system. He also told us that viral infections resolve on their own and majorly happens due to a sudden change in climatic conditions.

Symptoms of viral fever

  • High fever: The first and the most important symptoms of viral infection is High fever and this fever can occur at regular intervals. It comes along with chills and does not get cured immediately with medicines (it goes on for at least 48 hours). If the fever continues even after 48 hours, then contact your doctor immediately (it might be other bacteria or health issues).
  • Poor appetite: Child does not take any interest in food and generally have vomiting sensations.
  • Cold sores: Due to high fever, some cold sores might appear on your child’s face (my son gets cold sores under his right eye, on the right upper lip and behind right ear).
  • Cold, cough and throat congestion: You can see the symptoms like dry cough, running nose and physical weakness.

Precaution to avoid viral fever

As the doctor says, it’s a process of building the child’s immune system so it can’t be avoided fully but surely someone can take precautions to avoid the severity of the situation regarding your child’s health.

  1. Drink fluids: Give your child plenty of fluids because they lose so much liquids from their body during fever and can cause dehydration and diarrhoea if not taken proper care. Don’t give only water, you can also give juices, broths and soups.
  2. Proper rest: Make sure your child gets proper rest. In viral infection antibiotic does not help but plenty of rests in home required to improve in health condition.
  3. Sponge bath: A lukewarm water sponge bath will not make any harm to your child if he has a raising temperature. But if he has fever below 103 degree and is active then you don’t need anything to let down fever as viral fever trying its best to fight against infections.
  4. Washing hand: Make sure your toddler washes their hands before touching their face with dirty hands. If cleaning hand every time is not possible then carry hand sanitizer and sanitize your kid’s hand properly.
  5. Use thermometer: Always keep thermometer in home and check your child’s temperature at regular intervals. This will help you to keep a track of fever and medicine to be given.
  6. Cover mouth while sneezing or coughing: Teach your child to cover the mouth and nose with tissue or just use their sleeves. It helps in avoiding direct contact with other people. If your child has blocked nose, then you can use nasal saline drop that will give instant relief to your child.
  7. Medicines: Doctors usually recommended paracetamol. Try to give the entire course even after your child feel better. Don’t give Aspirin as it can cause Reye’s syndrome (swelling of liver and brain). You can give proper immunization i.e. flu vaccination every year as per your Doctor’s prescription. Note: Before taking any medication, contact your doctor and follow their instructions.
  8. Precautions in day care and playschools: Ask about the hygiene followed by school like staffs cleaning hands, cleaning rooms and toys, sanitize the toys regularly etc. make sure your child not sharing water bottles, cups or cutlery with other children. It can’t fully avoid viral infections but to some extent it will help decreasing the chance.

This blog is based on my experience and my personal discussions while visiting my kid’s doctor. We can’t avoid illness entirely from our life as illness teaches us the importance of our health. It’s just a phase that will pass but with precautions it does not take us to the serious trouble.

One more important thing. As we are facing the serious challenge from Covid-19 now, let’s not take any risk with our precious little ones even if it is a normal infection. If you like this blog, do share with your friends and loved ones.

Celebrating Holi 2020 with your toddler with the caution of Corona Virus…

Life is like a rainbow that have many colours. Some colours are bright and some are dull but every colour is required to complete a painting and the best colour of your life is that which suits the most on you.

Holi is the festival of colours and the symbol of celebration of the colours that are present in our lives with a touch of happiness and mythology that always teach about victory prevails good over evil. Holi is around the corner and I am pretty sure the preparation of celebration has already begun. But is it the first ever Holi celebration of your toddler? If yes, then it’s going to be very exciting as your toddler will be able to know about a colourful world they live in where all the festivals are celebrated with great pomp and show.

With the anxiety to explore the world, toddlers also invite risk that can be dangerous if not guided properly. So, make sure you have monitored that extra preparation for your naughty and mischievous tiny tots, who has brought the vibrant colour in your life after their entry into your world.

But it looks like this year Holi is heading towards a lousy celebration of colour due to the deadly Novel Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19) that is spreading out fast like fire in different countries and it has started knocking India’s door as well. Recently, we have got news about positive results in different parts of India.

Though we can’t stop it from spreading but we certainly can take the precautions to keep ourselves safe. Proper knowledge about Coronavirus and how to avoid it can help to some extent to get out from its clutches. You can visit to your nearest hospitals or can contact your family doctor to have a conversation and a brief idea about this virus.

Most of the countries that are affected by COVID-19 now dismissed the international flight along with India. All the events, fairs and large gathering are being cancelled to have a control on this virus. My brother who is in Madrid, Spain informed me about their Holi celebration event also got cancelled and most likely their offices are also closing down leaving them to work from home (at least for some period).

Amidst of these, we Indians, who are hoping towards a grand get together for Holi celebration are also in a fix. We still wonder whether to travel to our hometown, or enjoy the party at our own society. As recommended by government, this year social gathering is not possible but it does not restrict us to have our own family celebration. Only we have to mindful for certain precaution to save ourselves from this threat of the virus.

Precautions to be taken during this year Holi to avoid COVID-19

  • Avoid using toxic colours: The fear of Corona virus is taking down the energy in the people to celebrate Holi in India. Everywhere there are advertisements that are going viral to avoid using Chinese colours (not yet proved). Even if COVID-19 spreads from person to person, it is advisable to avoid these colours for skin safety measures.
  • Avoid Holi gatherings: As all the social gathering are getting cancelled due to the circumstances, it is better to avoid gathering for some time towards the well-being of your family and particularly for little ones. You never know who are infected in that whole gathering.
  • Avoid shaking hand: we Indian, are famous for our unity and brotherhood and we spread happiness by shaking hands and hugging each other. This year avoid shaking hand and follow the traditional Namaste style to greet each other.
  • Don’t share cutlery, bottles, cups etc.: if you are celebrating Holi within your family, make sure not to share cutlery, bottles or cups with anyone. Be more careful towards your little one’s personal hygiene.
  • Maintain distance while talking: 2 m distance is enough to avoid the sprinkle of bodily fluid of an infected person. Maintaining distance will help you to lower the risk of catching virus. Avoid meeting international guests if it is not that necessary.
  • Washing hand frequently: increase the number of washing hand for at least 20 seconds with every touching of doubtful things that can have a chance for carrying germs and always carry a sanitizer. It is very important especially when you have a toddler with you.

So, mommies, after all to keep our little one safe is our priority and we will leave no stone unturned to keep them safe. Don’t lose heart and enjoy your mini Holi party. To celebrate a Holi, we don’t really need a big party but sometimes all you need is a little splash of colour (organic ones that also can be handmade).